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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

New Apple patent: an augmented reality device

As is customary at Apple, filing a new patent for the company is raising an avalanche of rumors and speculation about how and when to implement that technology. Today we bring you another of those patents that we like so much.

In this case the patent speaks of a particular device , so our eyes have only shone before what this patent described. We are talking about a patent on an augmented reality device.

Apple takes the next step to augmented reality

The patent published by Apple, talks about a hardware infrastructure of an augmented reality device with an improved computer vision. This is not the only patent registered, the second patent talks about a particular method to cover virtual information of a given environment.

Together both patents, hardware and software may glimpse Apple's intentions to create an augmented reality device . These patents were previously registered by Metaio, a German firm specialized in augmented reality. But with the purchase of this company by Apple, patents have been registered by Apple.

The patent describing the software speaks of an information system in a device with at least one camera . Giving the imagination of a much more advanced device: with several cameras, screen, user interface and internal components dedicated to computer vision.

The file also speaks of an energy-efficient object recognition device that also allows visualizing augmented reality data. This patent speaks of a method, that consumes little energy, of monitoring the user's environment and that gives information according to the detected objects.

In the patent most of the time, the operation of the device is in low power mode , leaving the high performance mode for those times when you have to download and display augmented reality or save new models of computer vision.

This device will not leave anyone indifferent and even more so if Apple is able to save the barrier of energy consumption .

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