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Friday, 10 February 2017

New Apple patent to transmit information with gestures or touches

Apple does not stop surprising us with its new patents. The US company is constantly working to create new systems and improve their technologies , and as it could not be otherwise they cover their backs by registering patents.

Apple already has to its credit a long list of patents that does not stop growing. Without going any further, it has recently come up with a new patent approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office that refers to gestures .

Specifically, Apple in this patent speaks of sharing information by bringing devices closer together through the use of a series of gestures . At first glance it may seem that this feature has been available on all those mobile devices that have NFC technology, but Apple would have given a twist with some novelty.

Share information through simple gestures like a hug

The US company in this patent includes a very interesting novelty when sharing information between two devices and is not to use the contact . To do this, it would only be necessary to create a gesture pattern that would trigger the data exchange process, which would not jeopardize the security of such data transfer or shared information.

Apparently, this new system of data transfer between devices through gestures or "touches" would be focused primarily on Apple Watch . As explained in the patent, with a simple touch on the shoulder, a handshake or a hug could share the contact information , a calendar event and even photos.

But this would not work as well with anyone you have contact and who owns an Apple Watch. For that transmission of information to occur before both users must configure the pattern .

Obviously Apple has taken everything into account and security is one of the most important things in this type of data transfer. The US company has established security measures to prevent data from being passed to other devices in a wrong way in crowded places.

On the other hand, the information (data, photos, contact information, events ...) must be stored previously on the iPhone or in the cloud storage service . In addition, such information requires devices to be identified so that data can be transferred in a completely secure manner.

It must be recognized that this is a system for sharing information with gestures rather curious and interesting , but as always happens in these cases you have to wait to see what Apple does finally. And is that not all the things that patents become reality in their devices.

Do you think that future generations of Apple Watch will have this system to transmit information between users through gestures or "touches"? Tell us your opinion in comments!

Via | AppleInsider

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