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Sunday, 12 February 2017

New data on the three new iPhone of 2017

We continue to receive a huge amount of reports on the next generation of the iPhone, whose release date is still in the second half of this year 2017. Information totally contradictory does not stop coming from locations around the world . In this case, the Japanese blog Mac Otakara has published a report that, according to them, comes from sources close to the Apple production lines.

This publication shares information related to the current development of the 2017 range of the iPhone , from the number of phones we can buy this year, to the adapters that these will include as standard in the same product box. In this case, the only thing that coincides with previous reports is the number of launches, which will be three, counting a 5-inch iPhone , which would be the expected terminal of the tenth anniversary, with OLED screen and crystal design.

Wireless charging will not come standard on the new iPhone

From now on, after that little coincidence that does nothing more than confirm the existence of an "iPhone X", we begin to find the discordances. The first, that only the "iPhone X" would carry the glass housing and consequently the wireless charge. On the other hand, for the use of the system of load without cables we would need to acquire a base created by Apple, since the last ones would have decided to work in an own technology similar to the one used in the Apple Watch.

Other details are that we will not find any type of adapter with the box , outside the classic cable Lightning to USB and a power adapter. No Jack adapter, nor USB-C, as both would be sold separately according to this source.

Of course, this report has been like a small jug of cold water that has reduced us a bit the expectation for what Apple can present this year. There are still a few months left to finally discover what they hide in Cupertino, until then, we will have to arm ourselves with patience.

Via | MacRumors

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