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Friday, 17 February 2017

New iOS 2017 Game Releases

Recently we were informing you about the new iOS titles that we have in 2017 , highlighting some games like Megaman, Alto's Odyssey or Guardians of the Galaxy.

But this year 2017 will bring us many more surprises, and in this publication we will unveil some of them. Get ready because you're about to discover the best game releases for iPhone and iPad .

These games are coming soon to the App Store of iOS, and some of them are spectacular. Shall we begin?


In the distant future, the small exploration form.8 is located on an extraterrestrial planet. The main character was lost away from his companions by accident, and has a life or death mission to fulfill ... Ancient civilizations, unimaginable dangers, dystopian visions and a very original story.

Release Date: February 2017

The Bunker

In The Bunker you will be the last survivor of a nuclear catastrophe. Over the last few years, everyone has died. Your daily routine is the only thing that keeps you alive. Your mission? Explore new areas of a bunker and discover the truth about the secrets of the apocalypse.

Launch date: first quarter of 2017

Red Barton and the Sky Pirates

In this game for iPhone and iPad you can become a real pirate of the heavens called Red Barton and you will have to fight against a great variety of enemies in order to rescue your love and preserve your honor.

Release Date: March 2017

One Piece Thousand Storm

Speaking of pirates ... One Piece will hit iOS in a title that brings together all your favorite pirates from the "2 Years Ago" and "New World" stories.

Release date: will be announced in 2017

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War

A game for iPhone and iPad based on the Tokyo Ghoul anime set in a fictional Tokyo city plagued by monsters called Ghouls. Humanity lives in fear of these monsters, who survive by eating human flesh ...

Launch date: second quarter of 2017

Via | IGN

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