Pokémon GO could receive new Pokémon on Valentine's Day

According to the latest information, an anonymous source from Niantic would have confirmed that Pokémon GO would receive new Pokémon on Valentine's Day , that is, on February 14.

Specifically, we would be talking about Espeon, Umbreon and Tyrogue, being the first two evolutions of Eevee and the last a Baby Pokémon, so it probably can only be achieved by incubating Eggs.

Similarly , and how you can see in the image above, it seems that in the sprites of those Pokémon would already be in the servers of Niantic , reason why its arrival seems more than imminent.

Otherwise, as long as the information is correct, the way to get Espeon and Umbreon would be through friendship , that is, we would have to travel a number still to be determined of miles with companion Eevee to evolve.

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