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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Pokémon GO prepares something very special for Valentine's Day

Undoubtedly, Pokémon GO was the most notable success in videogames for smartphones last year , with permission from Super Mario Run. Thanks to Pokémon GO people of all ages took to the streets to search and capture their Pokémon, giving rise to situations of the most varied.

To prolong the hen's golden eggs, Niantic has been releasing updates in order to keep its user base entertained , although nothing is forever and little by little the furor of Pokémon has been appeased, they still continue harvesting collection. But Niantic still has a bullet in his bedroom.

From its website, Pokémon GO has announced that this Valentine's Day prepare great surprises to celebrate the most romantic day of the year . Like in similar events, during a series of hours the Pokémon GO players will have the opportunity to capture some hard-to-see Pokémon and also enjoy a series of bonuses.

So if you are a Pokémon GO player you are already delaying, because from 20.00 Spanish time yesterday, February 8 and until the 15th, you can enjoy the special Valentine .

Pokémon GO Special Valentine's Day

So that you do not lose detail and you can express to the maximum the event of Valentine in Pokémon GO, we detail all its benefits :

Each time we capture a Pokémon or transfer it to the teacher, the game will report twice as much candy as normal. Also, our Pokémon will be able to locate candy twice as fast .

Greater ease of finding and catching Pokémon roses , because they will appear more. So if you want to catch Chansey or Clefable, this is your chance.

Pokémon like Cleffa, Igglybuff or Smoochum will appear from the eggs once they have hatched in the incubators.

The baits we use will last no more than 6 hours , greatly facilitating the work of capturing Pokémon.

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