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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Put watermarks on your photos with these iPhone apps

If you are a lover of photography as I am sure you sometimes think more than once if you post an image taken by you on the net . And it is that you never know the one of turns that it is going to give, especially if it is a good photograph, since they can take it and use it to its whish if your permission.

The iPhone is one of the most used mobile devices to take pictures and share them on the network through platforms such as Flickr , Instagram, Facebook ... In addition, the latest models offer a truly incredible quality, allowing very good results.

If you upload the photos from your iPhone directly you run the risk of being caught without your permission and share it as your own or freely circulate the network without anyone knowing its authorship, for example. However there is a little trick to avoid this, and is to sign the photograph with a watermark.

The best applications to put watermarks to your photos on iPhone

If you do not mind waiting to get home you can transfer the images to your computer and put a watermark with applications like Photoshop, GIMP or Lightroom. Although if you prefer in the App Store you can find several applications whose main objective is to put watermarks to the photographs without having to pass the images to the computer.

Watermark Studio X Pro

This application allows you to easily and quickly add a variety of watermarks with a professional finish in your photographs. They are elegant and discreet watermarks, but at the same time protect your images .

It has several pre-designed templates ranging from the classic trademark, copyright to other more modern watermarks (location or hashtag). You can customize the watermark with your information, change the size, color, opacity and place where it is placed in the photograph.


Automated workflow application that allows you to add watermarks to a set of images very easily. Workflow lets you add watermarks through Simple Watermark and Overlay Watermark

Brand Name - Add watermark to the photo

One of the easiest applications to use to make watermarks to your photos from the iPhone. It has a great variety of watermarks to use, you can edit several images at a time , you can add water text and customize the font, color and many more things.


With iWatermark you can protect your images from the iPhone before uploading them to the web in different ways: text, a signature, a QR code or even a graphic . This way everyone who sees the image will know who is the owner of it.

IWatermark has over 150 different fonts to choose from as well as 34 objects to create your own design with which to sign your photographs. Like the previous one, iWatermark has a free version with some more limited features and a paid version with many more functions.

EZy Watermark

It has a very clean and minimalistic interface , but at the same time allows you to greatly customize your own watermarks. The application has a free version and a payment version, allows adding watermarks to lots that have up to 100 photos at a time, allows you to add text, signatures, QR codes, copyright ...

In addition, you can share your images after signing them on your social networks directly from eZy Watermark , or you can also send them by e-mail if you prefer. As you can see, it is a fairly interenting option and very easy to use.

These are just some of the applications you can find in the App Store today to create your own watermarks and sign your photos to protect them from all those people who take pictures without permission . This ensures that if your photographs circulate on the network everyone will know who they belong to.

And you, do you usually upload photos to the network? Do you protect them with some type of watermark? If so, tell us what application or applications you usually use for it.

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