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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Quickly share files between your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac with AirDrop

All users know that iOS is a complex operating system when it comes to file sharing. Some can send them, others can not. However, Apple improved this feature with the launch of iOS 10, and enhanced the feature to share content between devices .

However, although the feature is well known among iOS users, not everyone usually takes advantage of this unique feature of Apple terminals. Since your shipping speed is very fast, it allows us to save a lot of our precious time . If you want to see in what situations you can use AirDrop, here is a summary.

What is AirDrop and how is it activated?

Before tackling anything, let's first do a basic review to help us know what AirDrop is and what it is for - if you are new to the ecosystem. With this function we will be able to share data and files between the devices of the apple, such as iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac . Apple had already included AirDrop in several versions prior to iOS 10, so it's not strictly new.

If you want to activate AirDrop on your device, just follow these steps :

1) Open the Control Center by sliding from the bottom of the main screen.

2) Click on AirDrop .

3) You will see several options available, including: Off , Contacts Only - with this option only your contacts can share information with your device; All - all terminals that have this feature can transfer content to yours.

Once we have it configured with our preference option, we can proceed to examine the situations in which AirDrop might be helpful .

Safari: Sharing links to other devices

The usual procedure to send a link to any contact is quite simple: select the link and copy it, go to the menu, enter the messaging application of our preference, here we touch the contact. Once in your chat, paste the link and press send. This process may not be very cumbersome, but if we were to use AirDrop, this could be infinitely simpler .

With AirDrop all we have to do is click on the Share button, and we will select the device to which we want to send the web page . On the other device, the Safari page will be opened instantly once the reception has been accepted. It is a much simpler solution than we are accustomed to.

Send information from an app

If you want to share the information of an application, you can use two ways to send the content using AirDrop .

- App Store : When we are inside the application screen in the App Store , we will select the Share button and then choose who to send it to.

- 3D Touch : If you are lucky enough to have a device with 3D Touch, we will only have to press on the icon of an app that we have downloaded. In the menu select Share and follow the previous steps.

Share your favorite music from Apple Music

You can share your favorite music from Apple Music using AirDrop. Once you have shared the song or album, it will start to play on the receiving device .

The only drawback here is that, if the recipient does not have a subscription to Apple Music, the music will not start on arrival , so we would not be achieving a hundred of our commitment.

Apple systems have more benefits than you can believe, as they are designed to work together. You know, when you want to share something, it is always better to see if you can do it through AirDrop and save a few steps .

Do you use AirDrop very often? Leave your answer in the comments!

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