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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Remove the "share this application" from the 3D Touch menu with NoSharePlz (jailbreak)

When Apple initially started adding 3D Touch support to applications on the home screen in iOS 9, there were some who supported the feature, and others who did not. Then came iOS 10, where Apple tried to make the feature more useful for applications that do not use 3D Touch creatively by adding the "Share this app" option on the menu to those applications. Because many people do not need or want to share their applications, and because it feels like something unnecessary to have this menu option there, a new jailbreak tweak called NoSharePlz is now available in Cydia to remove it once and for all.

If you are using a device such as iPhone 6s / 6s Plus or iPhone Plus 7/7 Plus and you are using 3D Touch, or you use a tweak like Peek-A-Boo to activate the 3D Touch menus on non-compatible devices such as the iPhone 6/6 Plus and earlier versions, these "Share this application" options will appear when you reveal the 3D Touch menu.

After installing NoSharePlz , the option will disappear from all your 3D Touch menus on the home screen. The tweak leaves you with only the most important menu choices for you. Of course, if there were no other options for a particular application, then you will not see a menu at all.

The tweak works on all iOS 10 devices that support 3D Touch, as well as on devices that are simulating the menu experience of the 3D Touch home screen.

If you are interested in downloading NoSharePlz on your device with iOS 10 jailbreak , you can do it today from Cydia's BigBoss repository. The tweak has no options to configure, so after installing it, it is ready to be used.

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