Roban 24 iPhone in the Apple Store of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid -


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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Roban 24 iPhone in the Apple Store of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid

The National Police has arrested 10 young people, 8 of them minors, for stealing a total of 24 iPhone with a value of more than € 23,000 in the Apple Store of Puerta del Sol, Madrid.

As indicated by the Higher Police Headquarters in Madrid the thieves were Romanian citizens and were arrested on the spot while trying to subtract an iPhone € 900.

The theft of 24 high-end mobile phones has been carried out over a period of more than two months , and the most curious is its elaborate robbery planning, in which everyone was involved to carry out their plan.

The thefts were carried out taking the iPhone literally "to bites"

As you can see from the photos taken by the security cameras of the Apple Store that we have attached, this group of criminals bit the security cables that hooked the iPhone to the display table .

But, as we mentioned before, each member of the group had a job since they were "distributed jointly, planned and with distribution of functions throughout the establishment."

Thus, while one of the youngsters was biting the wires of the iPhone on the display table, others hiding behind them to pick up the terminal.

This ensured that, in case of being caught, no one could locate the stolen terminal in the Apple Store.

On the other hand, other members of the organized criminal gang were in charge of the attention of the security personnel and employees of the Apple Store during the robbery.

As stated in the newspaper El Mundo, the judge has ruled an order of removal of 100 meters from the Apple Store to the two criminal detainees over the age of 18 . The operation and the arrests were carried out by the District Commissary Center, of the Higher Police Headquarters of Madrid.

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