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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 +, so it will be called the most powerful mobile Samsung

We already know what will be called the largest and most powerful version of the next Samsung smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S8 +. We also know your logo.

Rumors about the next Samsung mobile do not stop even at the weekend, there is no stopping here. And much less Evan Blass, the world's best known "filterer" smartphone. Evan had already released a lot of information about the Samsung Galaxy S8 , and now releases a couple more pearls: the definitive name of the most powerful model and what will be its logo.

Neither Edge nor Plus: the most expensive model will be the Samsung Galaxy S8 +

This fits into what we knew: there would be no Edge version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 (the two models would be curved) and the differences between sizes would basically be at the level of screen and dimensions. In this way Samsung adopts the style that prevails in brands like Apple: to develop a mobile of high performance and subdivide it into two models depending on the preferences by size of the user.

Although they will not differ only in size, also in battery (point that usually prevails when choosing the "Plus" version) and, possibly, in camera. The Samsung Galaxy S8 would aim for a screen size of around 5.8 inches; The Samsung Galaxy S8 + would go up to 6.2 inches.

Evan Blass has also released the one that will soon be the model. The usual spelling and style for the words Samsung Galaxy with the "S8 +" remarked on a plot of color with the blues of the range. A distinctive touch for a smartphone that aims to be revolutionary; As long as the snowball does not undo when the rumored presentation of March 29 arrives ...

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