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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Several models of Apple Watch exhausted, possible update to the view?

We recently talked about the possibility that Apple is working to radically change the design of the Watch in the future Series 3 , a change that we could see earlier than we thought. And is that currently there are several models of Apple Watch out of stock, which suggests that the company could launch an update this spring .

It's only been five months since Apple released the second generation Watch along with a number of new straps and the iPhone 7. Everything seemed to go well so far, and if you go to the Apple Store online you can see that there is a remarkable Shortage of stock in several models of the Watch Series 2, something that is mainly due to the availability of some straps for the watch.

Although there is no certainty , this strange scarcity suggests that the apple company could probably launch a new spring collection of belts for the Apple Watch. However, to see a new Apple Watch with the renewed hardware would have to wait until the end of 2017, since Apple has rarely launched a new generation with just a few months apart.

Several Apple Watch straps sold out at the online store

If we look back you can see that last summer something similar happened before the new belts were launched in September. Although hardware updates on the Apple Watch are less frequent, the US company has maintained a good pace of launching new belts for its wearable with a seasonal cycle of about six months .

And it is not to forget that the Apple Watch is not only a technological device, in its day Apple introduced it also as a fashion accessory . Since the launch of the first generation of Apple Watch so far we have four seasonal collections: Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016 and Fall 2016.

This added to the scarcity that we mentioned above makes believe that very possibly in a few weeks Apple will present a new collection of belts for the Watch that would correspond with the one of Spring 2017 . What will Apple be preparing to surprise users?

As has been proven in the Apple online store, the straps whose stock is scarcer are mainly twisted nylon models for the Apple Watch Series 2 . Of the six models of the Watch Series 2 that include braided nylon strap five of them have the label "sold out" in the Apple Store online.

By contrast, all Watch Series 1 and Series 2 models with aluminum case and sport strap are available for sale in any of the colors. On the other hand, there are also stock problems with some models of Apple Watch with stainless steel case and brown strap with classic buckle, midnight blue strap with modern buckle, midnight blue leather loops and links (the model of 38mm in metallic color And space black).

The only model available with braided nylon strap would be the Apple Watch with pink gold colored case and midnight blue strap. The Apple Watch + Nike are all available and the Hermès stainless steel case are available all but two .

As you can see there are many models of Apple Watch that are not available depending on the belt with which they are accompanied. Of course, it should be said that the shortage of stock this time is much smaller than it could be seen last summer before introducing the Series 2 months later .

Last June MacRumors reported more than 35 Apple Watch belts marked "sold-out" in Apple's online store, while to-day there are only five belts that are unavailable . This leaves a lot of straps to choose from for users who are thinking of buying an Apple Watch in the coming days or weeks.

This scarcity on some models of Apple Watch is not so rare, but rather is a clear sign of what will happen in the coming weeks. And is that although we can not ensure 100%, it is very likely that Apple launches the collection of Spring 2017 with new straps and perhaps new materials , although it is not confirmed.

Finally, to say that it is not yet clear whether Apple will renew its smart watch annually, but if so, we will have to wait until next September . And is that if you launch an Apple Watch with renewed hardware would surely do next to the iPhone 8.

Via | MacRumors

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