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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Speakers capable of becoming headphones? Apple could soon become reality thanks to Apple

Many times it has commented on the network the shortage of original ideas that Apple has in recent years . In some products, it seems that there is an important creative drought, which, of course, would affect the image that the Cupertino people have always tried to maintain as an avant-garde company, ready to break with the established and to set a trend wherever Proposes However, this is far from reality, to our fate.

And is that Apple continues to work on devices capable of making our lives a little easier , able to simplify other processes, to combine devices in one to save space and energy. And today precisely, we are going to talk about a patent that could well fall into the category of the latter, to take our music wherever we want, and share it with whomever we want. That's the future of music, so is the future of speakers according to Apple.

Joining concepts to create a better device

In terms of sound, two groups of main devices have always been established for reproduction . The big difference between them is basically whether we want to share our music with others, or not. It is very common to make use of headphones like the BeatsX, of which we have spoken to you recently, for those moments in which we want to isolate ourselves from the world. However, it is just as common to share what we hear, for example, when using television, through a few loudspeakers.

The latest patent from Apple intends to announce a future in which the barrier between the speaker and the headset does not exist . A future in which with a small gesture we can share our best clues with those around us, without depending on the poor speaker of our mobile device. That is the future that Apple poses to us in audio matters. The concept may never come, or it may come out as early as this year, but what is clear is that Apple has never stopped or stopped innovating.

Source | AppleInsider

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