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Friday, 10 February 2017

Take three months free of Apple Music with the purchase of the BeatsX

It is possible that the new BeatsX are already on sale by the time you read this article, just as you may already have bought them for when you finish. And it seems that Apple wants to regain the confidence of its customers in their own way because of the delays that have occurred with the launch of these wireless headphones brand Beats. It was in September last year when they were first announced next to the new W1 chip, but for unknown reasons, their departure was delayed until today .

These new BeatsX are not exactly a design wonder as they can be the AirPods, nor are they made to resist everything they put on them, like the PowerBeats 3. Of course, do not expect the quality of a Solo 3 Wireless. Simply put, one of the most affordable and advanced wireless experiences on the market, thanks to the new chip designed by Apple to bring to its products the best wireless audio quality, the W1.

Enjoy even more of your new BeatsX with this offer

As I commented, the BeatsX are really a marvel in terms of technology. They are able to provide up to 8 hours of music on a single charge , thanks to the efficiency of the new Apple chip, however, I guess you'll want to have enough music to cover all those hours.

Well, thanks to a video of Jonathan Morrison we have been able to know that Apple has thought about it. Therefore, it will include with the BeatsX a code of three months of Apple Music valued at about 30 euros per month, which is not bad as an apology for the delays.

So you know, now you have one more reason to become the BeatsX, the new wireless headphones designed to bring the best music experience at a price.

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