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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Take the whole game to Instagram Stories and Boomerang with these tricks

The most used social network of photography does not cease to surprise us and gaining users all over the world. One of the latest news was the Instagram Stories, small stories that you can share with your followers in the form of a photo, video or boomerang that lasts for 24 hours before disappearing forever.

The function is very similar to Snapchat, and although at the beginning there were enough criticisms towards Instagram in which they were said that they had copied to the app of the ghost, it finally seems that the Stories increasingly has more followers . But do you know how to make the most of the Instagram Stories?

We recently told you some tips to succeed on Instagram , but this time we will focus on the stories. Today in iPadizate we bring you a compilation with some of the best tricks to take advantage of Instagram Stories and Boomerang , with which you will become a pro of ephemeral stories. Let's go there!

Instagram Stories will not resist you with these little tricks

Surely you already know how to access Instagram Stories, but in case there is some clueless that has not yet published its first story, say that all you have to do is slide your finger to the right from the main screen of Instagram . On the other hand, you can also click on the camera icon in the upper left corner.

Upload photos and videos of Reel

In addition to uploading photos and videos made directly from Stories, you can also access your iPhone Reel . To access them just slide your finger up from the Stories camera, although you can only see the photos and videos of the last 24 hours.

In case you want to share a previous photo there is a little trick , just look for the photo in question on the reel and make a screenshot . Ready! Go back to Instagram Stories and now the image will appear the first of them all.

Enjoy Stories from other users

Just as your followers can see your stories you can see the users you follow . And not only that, if you click on the magnifying glass you will appear in the top Stories of other users that you do not follow.

If the user has several stories published you can return to the previous one by clicking on the left of the screen or to the right to advance to the next one . Sometimes the few seconds that the story lasts are not enough to look at the details, but if you keep your finger pressed on it you will see that it pauses.

Another trick is that if you slide your finger left or right you will go directly to the previous or later user . A very useful function if for whatever reason you want to see the stories of the previous user or if the current one does not like you and you want to move on to the next one.

Send a message to the creator of a story

If you liked the story of a user and you want to tell him or you just want to tell him something about it you can send him a message, provided he has the function enabled . To do this just click on the "Send message" option that will appear in the lower corner of the screen and you will be able to write to it privately.

Customize your Stories

Instagram Stories has several customization options, whether it's a photo or a video or a boomerang. At the top, before publishing your story you can add different stickers, write a text or freehand .

In the writing function you have several brushes at the top and bottom different colors to choose from. In addition, if you hold your finger on one of the colors, a palette will be displayed to choose other shades.

On the other hand, in the function to write text with the keyboard you have the possibility to mention other users of Instagram . Just use the "@" just like when you mention someone in one of your posts in your profile. The mentioned user will receive a notification notifying the publication of that Storie so that he can see it.

Change the settings of your Instagram Stories

In the wheel button in the upper left corner of the screen you can access the Instagram Stories Configuration . Here you can choose who can see your stories, if you want to block a user and if you want everything you publish through this feature is automatically saved in the Reel of your device.

Find out who has seen your stories

This feature goes unnoticed for many users of Instagram Stories. Did you know that you can see who has seen each of your stories? Just slide your finger on it from bottom to top and a list will appear with all the users who have already seen it .

Ah! Do not forget that just as you can know which users have seen your stories each user can know that you have seen their stories in the same way . There is no way to hide this, at least for the moment.

Share your Instagram Stories as normal posts

If for any reason you want to share some of your stories in your profile as a normal publication you can do it easily. Just click on the three-dot icon that appears in the lower right corner of the story in question and click on "Share as Posting".

Here you will also find other options , including one to delete the story, as well as another to save it in the Reel of your device.

Boomerang in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories offers several options to publish a story: make a normal photo, a video, a live video (which can only be seen while broadcasting) or a boomerang. To be able to record a boomerang you just have to choose the option in the Stories camera without needing to download the app separately.

Also, when using boomerang in Instagram Stories you can use both the front and back camera . Choose the one you want and make fun videos in a loop!

Did you know these little Instagram Stories tricks? Do you know any other that does not appear in this list? Tell us what in the comments!

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