The Apple association could confirm the inclusion of wireless charging on the iPhone "X" -


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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Apple association could confirm the inclusion of wireless charging on the iPhone "X"

Many have been rumored that the next Apple iPhone would be the one that would finally bring the wireless load to Apple's enterprise devices. However, these rumors could be about to be confirmed as Apple has just joined the Wireless Energy Consortium .

The company now appears as one of the 213 members of the consortium . The addition could be recent, since a week ago Apple was not yet among its ranks.

The wireless charge could be different than we thought

Although early rumors suggested that Apple had been investigating a long-range wireless charging method, without the need to drop the terminal on a charging pad, it appears that these have been dissipated due to more recent reports. This could mean that, like many others, Apple would use a simple inductive load .

One of these reports even states that Apple would be able to not include a charger in the box next to the iPhone, to offer an optional accessory with an extra cost . There is no doubt that the company could make this move, as did Nintendo with its portable consoles. However, we do not believe that Apple will take such a risky leap.

Apple can not keep waiting

Those of Cupertino could be aiming for a long-range wireless charge. However, analyst Vicky Yussuff of IHS Technology tells us that the company can not wait too long to include at least the first version of this inductive load .

"The success of wireless charging on the devices of its competitors is something that Apple can not continue to ignore. Data collected by IHS Technology surveys show that about 90% of consumers want wireless charging on the company's next device . "

Apple's wireless charge may not be what we expected, but having this feature on the new device would be a step forward for the company. Recall that most of its competitors already have it installed in its terminals , so Apple is running out of time.

Would you like to see this technology on the next iPhone? Leave your answer in the comments!

Via | 9to5Mac

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