The iPhone 8 could integrate augmented reality as a differentiating element -


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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The iPhone 8 could integrate augmented reality as a differentiating element

Currently, the virtual reality market, augmented, and mixed, is undergoing a major transformation in order to bring these technologies closer to wider audiences . In recent years, we have been able to see how virtual reality has become a completely valid way to transmit any story or information to the consumer, who now has many more opportunities to access this content thanks to such accessible systems as Google Cardboard.

However, the virtual reality does not end now, and the bets are now directed towards augmented reality. For those who do not know, augmented reality basically consists of integrating virtual elements, such as directions, animations ... in a real environment, captured by a camera, or by sensors created specifically for it. Apple, is determined to invest in this technology, and so it seems, its time will come with the next iPhone 8.

Augmented reality, the great feature of iPhone 8

With every statement from their managers, Apple makes it increasingly clear that their commitment to augmented reality over virtual reality is firm, and it has already been confirmed that they are working on it to integrate it into their products. The issue that remained to be resolved was when, but it seems that Simona Jankowski analyst Goldman Sachs has given us an idea on when we should expect, and is that the augmented reality would be one of the innovative features of the iPhone 8 .

And it seems that the statements are in line with the patents and rumors that we have been seeing over the last few months. They would even give a use to the sensor of capture in 3D that we discussed previously that could include, since this would be of great help when integrating a system of augmented reality.

As always, all this comes from pure speculation and rumors that may or may not be true, so we must take it very cautiously . However, it is difficult to prevent our expectancy from increasing with each new news.

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