The iPhone 8 will be released in September, despite the rumors -


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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The iPhone 8 will be released in September, despite the rumors

Although many criticize, there is no doubt that the current iPhone 7 are phones with good features and that allow to enjoy iOS 10 in all its splendor. In fact, the iPhone 7 Plus remains the most powerful smartphone , in addition to its sales hit records . But in spite of this, the truth is that many users choose to wait for the iPhone 8 .

For months, there has been a steady stream of information describing what Apple's next terminal will look like, such as the integration of the main camera into the apple , or even the use of laser beams for facial recognition . However, the arrival of the iPhone 8 or "iPhone X" - which would commemorate the tenth anniversary - has generated rumors as disparate as there will be no such device or that Apple would have already started the production process.

Despite the rumors, in September we will see new iPhone

The next phone in the block is expected to be a milestone in the company's history, as it constitutes a revolution that breaks with the models we have seen so far. That is why, as we were advancing yesterday, the production of the iPhone X could have started earlier than expected , in order to ensure the largest possible stock .

More data coming today suggests that it will probably be released in September . According to the Apple Insider , which echoes two reports from the supply chain, one from one analyst and the other from a spare parts supplier, it seems that Apple does not have on its road map deviate from its usual dates to launch New phones .

Although the two reports differ on when manufacturing will start, they do agree that the new iPhone will arrive in September. The aforementioned media also refers to Apple's increased production , which could be 300% greater than that of previous generations. In any case, it seems that there will be no changes to the release dates we are used to, but we will see a radical change in the next iPhone 8 or "X".

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