The iPhone 8 would arrive with a "function bar" and new sizes -


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Friday, 17 February 2017

The iPhone 8 would arrive with a "function bar" and new sizes

According to the latest data collected by well known analysts Apple, the next iPhone 8 would come with a new area in the lower area of ​​its front. This new change could be due to the possible design without frames that would arrive with the new Apple iPhone , and that would raise the size of the screen until the 5.8 inches.

This function area would be located in the same place where today we can find the mythical Home button of our iPhone, and also, would also come to replace the Touch ID . Apple could also fail to include this fingerprint reader technology in its next device to make way for new biometric technology that would offer features similar to the Touch ID. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo does not go into details, but a facial recognition technique had already been rumored for the iPhone 8 previously.

Touch Bar on the iPhone 8

The latest report from the analyst gives more details of the sizes that will have this device. With this new function bar, which will come with virtual buttons as well as other functions. Kuo ensures that the useful area of ​​the front would be 5.15 inches in total, being 5.8 inches the general front of the terminal .

This function bar would offer something similar to the Touch Bar that we can find in the different models of the MacBook Pro . It would bring virtual buttons and quick access, as well as replace the familiar Touch ID.

A larger screen in a reduced body

Ming-Chi Kuo further said that the iPhone's 5.8-inch OLED display would be similar in size to the current model of 4.7 inches , and would also include a much larger battery.

It has already been rumored that the iPhone 8 would have a price that would be around $ 1000 , which is much higher than the most expensive model of the iPhone 7 Plus. However, it may make some sense when we talk about Apple. Among other rumors we can find a whole glass design, wireless charging and many more features.

From CP we are on hand to give you the latest news of the new devices that will come from the hand of Apple. We hope that at least a lot of these features will end up in the final design of the new iPhone 8 which, according to rumors, is planned to be presented this year.

Would you like to see a Touch Bar on the new iPhone? Leave your answer in the comments!

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