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Thursday, 2 February 2017

The LG G6 will multiply: Lite, Compact, Sense, Hybrid ...

LG has decided to bet heavily on its next flagship and has registered a number of names for other models such as LG G6 Lite or LG G6 Compact .

The strategies of the different companies do not always coincide but when one gives with a movement that works its rivals are very likely to study if it is worthwhile to follow that path.

Although LG has already launched trimmed models of its top end handsets like the LG G5S is Huawei which has done better with its Lite range, which has even led to its second brand, Honor, in the Honor 8 Lite .

But the Koreans seem to be taking a step forward by having registered multiple brands for smaller versions of their future LG G6 , a terminal that will be presented on February 26, 2017 at Barcelona's MWC.

A whole family of terminals

The records of the company point to many models including LG G6 Lite and LG G6 Compact .

The first could be a reduced version in price and performance of the original while the second would bet rather a similar but smaller terminal.

In fact the LG G5 S was codenamed LG G5 Lite so it could not be surprising that the manufacturer ended up launching a LG G6 S in a few months.

What is more novel is the LG G6 Compact, which reminds us of the versions of Sony with powerful but small mobile that nevertheless have not had too much impact in the market.

In addition to these two models there are other trademarks:

  • LG G6 Hybrid
  • LG G6 Fit
  • LG G6 Sense
  • LG G6 Young
  • LG G6 Forte
  • LG G6 Prix

Maybe LG baraje the possibility of harmonizing all the names of their new mobile under the flagship which would give a much greater publicity than their predecessors have had.

Another option is that they are accessories, although seeing how the bet LG G5 LG G5 may be the firm does not want to continue down that road.

Source GSMArena

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