The LG G6 will use the SD821 instead of the SD835, good movement? -


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Sunday, 12 February 2017

The LG G6 will use the SD821 instead of the SD835, good movement?

The LG G6, after the fiasco that was the LG G5 , a mobile that perhaps came too soon to the market or with a concept for which we were not prepared. Now, it seems that the manufacturer has reconsidered and brings us a more conventional terminal. Being a terminal that is going to present in the year 2017 everyone has taken for granted that the processor would be the most powerful of Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 835. However, today it has been confirmed that will not be so. The LG G6 processor will be the SD821. Is that a good move?

This confirmation comes through a photo that was taken at the CES 2017 of a confidential slide at the LG booth. But, why LG decides to equip their main smartphone with a last year? The answer is really very interesting. If we rely on sales expected from Samsung Galaxy S8 during its first few weeks of availability (its main competitor), any manufacturer other than Samsung and who wants to stick the SD835 on your phone will have to wait to launch it around Late May or early June.


Therefore, if LG wants to maintain and equip the LG G6 with the SD835, they would have to present their phone weeks after the Galaxy S8 is already on sale. Some consumers may be willing to wait a few more months to launch the G6 if it means getting the latest and greatest from Qualcomm. However, from a business perspective, opting for the 821 is a very smart decision by LG if you want to compete with the Samsung S8 from the first day.

If we join that if you do a good job with the software and its optimization, in the daily use of the smartphone, we will not notice too much difference between the two processors, it may be a good choice.

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