The manufacturer TSMC invests heavily in Apple within months of the launch of the iPhone 8 -


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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The manufacturer TSMC invests heavily in Apple within months of the launch of the iPhone 8

It seems that Apple's suppliers are already preparing for a year full of surprises by the Californian company , and is that the next generation could be the most innovative in the history of the iPhone, and we are talking about a story that reaches the decade .

This article is not about the rumors of the new iPhone 8, but we will share with you something much more relevant than a mere rumor. And is that the companies allegedly involved in the production of the so-called "iPhone X" are already starting to take positions for the best launch of an iPhone .

A few hours ago, we confirmed to you how Apple is willing to take on a significant amount of risk because of the production of the OLED screen of the highest-end model of the new range of 2017 by the division of Samsung Electronics specialized in manufacturing Of panels. Now, we find another rather curious move, this time coming from outside Apple, more specifically TSMC.

TSMC has a lot of confidence in Apple's future, maybe too much for the data we have now

In this case, TSMC has made a purchase of 113,800 Apple corporate bonds valued at about 11.4 million US dollars . From the company, they indicate that it is nothing special, however, it is somewhat hard to believe, bearing in mind that the manufacturer would have access to information on upcoming products. TSMC could have foreseen the great success of the company's future apple device, and would have decided to act accordingly.

Coincidence or not, the most important detail of these movements is that the companies that surround Apple rely entirely on them . In a few months, we will be able to see for ourselves if they also deserve our trust.

Source | Patently Apple

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