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Monday, 13 February 2017

The most fun commercial TV spots of iPhone applications

Apps have changed the way we see the world. Thanks to them iOS users have the possibility to buy, sell, cook, play, watch TV, create task lists, work and a long etcetera.

Applications have even changed commercial TV spots . Now seeing an ad for an application on television is the most normal thing in the world, when it was only 5 years ago, it was unimaginable. In fact, nowadays rare is the company that does not announce its official application in its commercial spots.

Well, today in iPadizate we wanted to honor those companies developing pioneering applications in the publication of TV ads selecting those spots that have seemed more fun . Can you come with us? There are some great ones!

And it's ... TV ads do not have to be boring. (I.e.

Good bye, baby.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (I hope I've spelled it correctly), the famous Hollywood action movie actor, stars in this fun commercial spot for his Mobile Strike, a military strategy game.

In the advertisement we see how he faces a rival in the game itself mentioning that "he has returned", referring to his mythical "I will return" of the film Terminator. At the end he also released another of his best-known phrases in the saga: "Hasta la vista, baby". A phrase that was translated into Spain as "Sayonara, baby".

Waallaaaaaa ...!

Wallapop was one of the first applications companies to publish their ads on TV, it has several pretty funny ones but we wanted to stay with this one because it is simple, colorful, cheerful, and quite original.

Of course, guapi

Chicfy has published one of the most popular commercial spots of 2016, in which we are invited to download their application of buying and selling fashion articles. A very catchy song, two very beautiful actresses, a phrase that catches the attention of the consumer and ... twerk, of course, guapi. Remember, just for chic-chic-girls.

With Fintonic, without Fintonic ...

Fintonic is an application to manage your finances, and in this fun ad play with the idea that if you use Fintonic you can get a great hotel with views of the sea and infinity pool, a very expensive bag, a luxury car ... Whilst not You use Fintonic you can only get a hotel overlooking a construction site, a bag of the flea market, and a car from the 80's. Pretty good, really.

Hey ...! You already have roommate

It is probably the commercial spot with less grace of all the ads that we have gathered in this article, but to us we have liked! It is clear, concise, cheerful, and has very subtle humor touches, like those house keys used as an engagement ring.

Revenge is served in ... a bakery?

Liam Neeson is a well-known actor very famous for participating in revenge films, and in this commercial spot they parody it in a very amusing way. And intimidating! A sublime performance, and a small sample of how you can have serious fun. The announcement is from the Clash of Clans game and was released on the occasion of the Super Bowl final.

I am new, do you give me resources, for fi?

Finally, the commercial spot of Vikings: War of Clans has seemed great. In the TV commercial we see a girl asking for resources from another player, and when she has what she wanted ... go and attack her base! Go face is left to the poor ...

These have been, in our humble opinion, the most fun commercial TV spots of the iPhone applications of the App Store. But there are many more! What is your favorite app ad? Which advertising spot from this list did you like the most?

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