The new Smart Keyboard for iPad will include features like Siri, emojis and more -


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Friday, 17 February 2017

The new Smart Keyboard for iPad will include features like Siri, emojis and more

Although the decline in sales of the tablet sector is a fact confirmed for a long time , the reality is that the iPad is still the market leader and, whatever happens, Apple seems to continue to bet on them at least short and Medium term, however next month is expected to exit the new line of iPad Pro .

The identity of the Cupertino brand is innovation, so even though it seems that the ship of the iPad sinks, will continue to introduce improvements in both the iPad - which is expected significant innovations, otherwise given the good Performance and leisure use of these, it would not make much sense for people to renew their devices - as in their accessories. This is the case of the new Smart Keyboard , of which we know information about your patent and whose output is estimated to be at once or shortly after the iPad Pro and that will include improvements as interesting as the integration of Siri, emojis or the option to share .

The truth, put to ask, if we want the Virtual Assistant of Apple to be more powerful and use it more, what better than incorporate it in all the hardware that designs the company and in the many more apps, on the emoji we consider it is Of all a success, given the tendency to increase visual communication on the part of the users and What to say of sharing? It is probably the tool we use most, whether for social networks, to send emails ... But the thing is not here, and also would implement a magnifying glass to be able to quickly access other places, such as apps or documents.

Smart shortcuts that would increase the functionality of the iPad and improve the user experience, but Apple always look forward to more. Would a customizable Touch Bar like on the Macbook be too?

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