The Nokia N-Series will resurrect on February 22 from the hand of the N81 -


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Monday, 13 February 2017

The Nokia N-Series will resurrect on February 22 from the hand of the N81

The 22nd of February is the one chosen for the relaunch of the new Nokia N-Series , new versions of the old smartphones.

We live days confused in the moving panorama. The return of one of the industry giants, Nokia, is being far less predictable than we expected. A few days ago we were echoing that the company planned to revive the N series , in a new line of phones.

One of these seems to be the Nokia N95 , although there was very little data, although there was talk of a processor series Snapdragon 600. Well, it seems that it will not be the only N-Series that resurrects and will do so much sooner than we thought .

Event on February 22

In Weibo, the popular Chinese social network, two images of the invitation to an event to be held on February 22 in which the N-Series will be the protagonists.

In one of the images we see clearly the inscription " N-Series, Once More ", that we could translate like "N-Series, once more". This clearly refers to the mythical family of Nokia mobiles, which once had the Symbian operating system.

It also clearly shows a mysterious number 5 , which we do not know if it will be related to any of the models, with the number of models presented or with another aspect of the event.

The Nokia N81 comes back

But there is a second more illustrative image if it fits. In it we see a Nokia N81, one of the best-selling models of that family, along with the invitation of the first image.

It seems that this will be the terminal chosen to appear in its renewed version, of which we still do not know anything, not even if they will be smartphones. It is quite likely that they are Android-based phones, focused on the mid-range, but there is no certainty, to date, to confirm that.

Alliance with a Chinese brand?

One detail that has gone unnoticed is that the first image has a logo on the top right that closely resembles that of the 360 ​​company , a Chinese mobile brand that stands out for its value for money .

It is important to note that Meizu has also shown Nokia handsets in some presentations and sent invitations to events, without that implying a greater collaboration of both companies.

In this case the use of the family, the brand and the reference to return, in the printed phrase, make us think that there is more than a mere veiled reference but what if it was a cession of the N-Series brand by part From Nokia to 360? After all, it was the first that registered the name in China recently .

The date chosen, for which only nine days remain, is just before the MWC and it seems that what is sought is to avoid the noise generated in which is the largest world congress of telephony.

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