The price of the iPhone 8 could be significantly higher than the iPhone 7 Plus -


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Thursday, 9 February 2017

The price of the iPhone 8 could be significantly higher than the iPhone 7 Plus

The rumors are increasingly defining the future of the world's most famous smartphone line, providing us with information on the characteristics of the iPhone that would mark the beginning of a new era in the Californian company. The so-called iPhone 8 or "iPhone X" would be, judging by all the data that have been appearing over the last few months, the biggest change that has been since the iPhone itself.

A phone built in a glass that can withstand what they throw, and that, in addition, would grant the capacity of the wireless load. A screen made by Samsung, designed to give a definition never seen in the industry, and which houses a number of innovations that will surely revolutionize its competitors . Only with what we have named, we are already very difficult to reduce our expectation for this prodigy of mobile technology. Or at least, we believed until today.

Apple will not abandon its pricing policy and will continue to increase its new products

Today it is possible that we find the most negative point to date of the future iPhone 8, and is that Apple would be considering selling its next great device for a price over $ 1000 . To give us a little idea of ​​the jump, we must think that, in the US, the iPhone 7 Plus costs $ 769.

As you can see, Apple will not hesitate to put a "Premium" price to your iPhone 8, although we must also keep in mind that this could be accompanied by two other models with designs more similar to the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Either way, it's a very difficult price to justify .

We are all very clear that Apple is not exactly a "low-cost" company, but what is happening in recent years is really unacceptable, at least from my point of view. We can not continue to allow them to continue to raise the price of their products with the excuse of R & D and marketing. And it is that companies of this level would have no problem if they reduce their selling prices instead of raising them, clearly, that they would stop increasing their profits at our expense.

Source | MacRumors

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