The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have more battery and there will be new headphones -


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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have more battery and there will be new headphones

The latest rumors of the two Samsung Galaxy S8 that will be launched in a short time tell us that they will have more battery and we will have available some new headsets to buy at the same time.

We could think that after seeing how the new Samsung Galaxy S8 in the filtered picture that showed us how far its fingerprint sensor was, there was little to know, or at least that the leaks would slow down. Well it has not been so. Now here near.

In the last hours have been two news that are beginning to assign to the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and the two, without being very spectacular, are quite logical, something we often forget that is the basis of a good leak.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 would come with more battery than its predecessor and the hand with new headphones, but would not come in the box.

More battery for more power

When Samsung made the leap from the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the Galaxy S6 one of the few criticisms that the media put the new top of the range was that the battery was not up to what had so far given Samsung.

Making a terminal more content in size and with new materials passed the autonomy, something that was fortunately corrected noticeably in the Samsung Galaxy S7, which while waiting was not wonderful in an intense day of use did not force us To load it twice.

The battery of the Galaxy S7, of 3,000 mAh, and the S7 Edge, of 3.600 mAh, will rise in the two versions of Galaxy S8 according to inform in ITCle .

Specifically the 5.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S8 would have a 3250 mAh battery while the largest, 6.2 inches, would be at 3,750 mAh .

Although they are respectable amps are far from what manufacturers like Xiaomi even though Samsung could further improve the performance of their phones in this regard, something that never leftovers.

New Wireless Headphones

The other leak tells us about the headphones that will be launched with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and that does not explain the price increase that is expected in both models as they will be marketed independently.

These are wireless headphones, not cable, which also have a fairly advanced noise cancellation system, which would reach 20 dB.

But this would not be a problem if we want to talk to someone since this accessory will know if someone calls us, deactivating that function, to be able to speak without having to remove them.

They will sell for about 130 euros and will be available in red, green, black and silver.

We could see perhaps a launch pack like the one we saw on the S7 with the virtual reality glasses, but it does not look like we will have these headphones as standard in the S8 box.

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