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Thursday, 9 February 2017

The ultimate security guide on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most downloaded messaging app in the world with more than one billion active users, which is said soon. Regardless of your knowledge of the new technologies, you are sure to develop more or less with them but surely it has also brought you more of a headache. Until today.

Because in this guide we intend to teach you to shield your WhatsApp account so that you can enjoy this app with total security and privacy . Read on to discover the best tricks.

WhatsApp security guide for iOS

Customizing your security settings

By default, everyone can see your last connection time, your profile photo and your current status - the message that appears below your nickname - so this is the first thing we should change to another more restrictive measure like that only Can see your contacts - the people you've entered on your calendar. To make this change we must go to WhatsApp in Settings > Account > Privacy

In this screen we will be able to configure all these functions individually, being able to even check that nobody can see your connection time, photo or status message ... but beware, that in this way you make it difficult for your friends to find you in your calendar.

In this same section you can also block contacts on this same screen and mark or unmark the reading settings , which works like a double-edged sword: others will not be able to see it but you will not either.

Managing backups

WhatsApp allows you to back up your conversations by storing them in the cloud . The main problem is that this transmission to the cloud service provider is not as secure as the encryption of the app itself, so if you want maximum security, you should disable this option.

To do this, in the app go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Automatic Copy and there you can select the frequency of the backup or simply dial No, which is the most recommended.

If at any time you have made any backup in iCloud or Google Drive, calm because you can erase them at any time you want. Go to WhatsApp and go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage > WhatsApp Messenger > Edit > Delete All

Of course, remember that disabling this option if one day you lose your iPhone, you will not be able to recover the conversations . If you want to save the conversations or any part of them, it is safer for you to take screenshots.

Discover suspicious changes in encryption

Another thing that WhatsApp does not do by default is to notify you when the encryption protocols of the people you are talking about change. What does this mean? Basically Whatsapp does not warn you if chat encryption changes, for reasons such as that the other person has changed smartphone or reinstalled the app, or for more cloudy reasons such as people whose devices are being spied on - suppose they are being Investigated by police - or similar.

But this function can be activated so that you will know when it has happened in terms of encryption. In the WhatsApp app go to Settings > Account > Security > Show security notifications

Ojo, this will only know that something strange has happened in encryption, but you will not prevent your messages from being read by third parties, in the case of example security forces.

Use session verification

For most messaging apps, there is no way to tell if your messages are being intercepted by third parties , however WhatsApp allows you to verify that your conversation is secure, something to keep in mind when you are having certain personal private conversations.

To activate this option, click on the name of the other person in the chat to access their information and there, click on Encryption . At this point the security code will appear.

If both you and the other person are seeing the same code, your chat is safe . To verify this code you can use a third app like a Twitter message, Google Hangouts, an email, an SMS or a call. And if you are in person, you can even click on Scan code using the camera of your terminal to confirm that the code matches.

Avoid the eyes of others

It goes without saying, but the encryption will not stop someone from chatting your WhatsApp conversations if you have physical access to it . So if you have not already done so, please enter a password for your iPhone or enter your fingerprint by going to Settings > Touch ID and code .

WhatsApp vs. Malware

Remember that for a lot of encryption you or your receiver has, it does not help against malware . For example, some types of malware are implemented to send screenshots of your messages to a remote hacker. The best defense is usually to simply be up to date, both on a general level with iOS updates and with the app's own, since updates include the latest security patches.

If your phone is lost or stolen, thieves could access and extract information from your terminal, including encrypted messages. Fortunately, if you use a relatively modern iPhone, the integrated encryption protects you quite as you have seen in cases of terrorists with iPhone and what it costs the intelligence services to hack the device .

We hope that with all these tips you can enjoy WhatsApp to the maximum but with all possible security.

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