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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 bet on the camera, but not the double sensor

The first leak of the new Xiaomi mobile, the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 , shows us how the company seems to have surrendered for the moment with the double cameras.

Whenever we see an innovation we tend to overestimate it, or at least expect a lot from it. It is a dangerous attitude since disappointments can be great.

We have been saying that using dual cameras is a good idea but just as a sensor does not imply that a mobile makes good photos, a double sensor does not imply good quality either.

This is something that has happened to several manufacturers among which Xiaomi highlights. The Xiaomi Redmi Pro was its first terminal with dual rear sensor, thought to blur the image and the performance of the camera did not live up to expectations.

Then came the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus , which has an acceptable camera, but ironically no better than the Mi 5S, which is supposed to be below it in the catalog. The double camera in this case was no better than the HDR. And it's my main cell.

The Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 bet on the camera, but not the double sensor

Xiaomi seems to have realized this and for the second model the Redmi Pro seems to continue to bet on the camera, but will not mount two sensors behind, occupying the second gap the fingerprint sensor, which will no longer be in front.

Instead he has decided to choose a better sensor, a 12-megapixel Sony IMX 362 that has a size of 1 / 2.55 "with a pixel dimension of 1.4 μm and a focusing technology called Dual Pixel AF.

Less sensors but more quality in the camera
The higher the pixel, in theory, the greater the quality of the photograph it can take. The My MIX or My Note have a size of 1.0 μm.

More power

The new Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 to the market in two configurations that will, as usual, vary in internal storage and in RAM.

The most economical version will have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage while the higher major version will go up to 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

We still do not know anything about its screen or its processor but we have seen in the same filtered image that the battery rises to a spectacular 4,500 mAh , well above what the predecessor had and almost touching the spectacular 4,850 mAh of Xiaomi Mi Max .

Prices also filtered

In addition to the features have filtered prices, in yuan, being equivalent to 215 € for the model 4 GB of RAM and 245 € for the model 6 GB of RAM.

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