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Friday, 3 February 2017

The YouTube app for iOS adds new streaming playback features

The official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad app has been updated and includes new features. Version 12.03 of the Youtube app for iOS adds practical Chromecast controls to the control center and lock screen of your iOS device, as well as Apple Watch.

Playback controls only appear when streaming videos from Chromecast devices, smart TVs, game consoles, or any other device running the YouTube app.

The best thing about this new feature is the fact that you can put your device to sleep (sleep or sleep mode) once you transmit a video to a Chromecast device, smart TV or other transmission device, as long as the official application YouTube is installed. You can not start or stop the transmission from the control center, it must be done from within the YouTube application.

As soon as another device initiates streaming video, the YouTube application on your iOS device stops downloading data. To pause video playback on a streaming device, simply re-enable the device to view the familiar playback controls to pause or resume the video, skip to the previous or next video, and increase or decrease the volume of the TV, among others things.

These controls are also available in the iOS control center and Apple Watch.

In that case, you will not see the YouTube volume control, video description, and thumbnail in the control center or lock screen. Simply compare the design of the YouTube lock screen and control center controls when streaming to a Chromecast device and an Apple TV.

This app is free, it is from iOS 8 onwards and you can download it from the App Store .

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