This LG G6 test advances what will be the next mobile -


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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

This LG G6 test advances what will be the next mobile

After the failure of the LG G5, many are looking forward to LG G6, the new terminal of the Korean company. Today we know a prototype that teaches us more

We are at the beginning of the year and once again the top high end manufacturers are starting to pull out their terminals with those who want to dominate the market for the rest of the year. Every time we know more of these, especially the Samsung Galaxy S8 , but the LG G6 is not far behind.

LG wants to leave this 2017 hole where the LG G5 took, an innovative model for the implementation of modules but failed to convince the public for its battery (even removable) and its design. With the new G6 does not seem to want to risk more and go to what other great industry are going. More screen and water resistance.

This would be a prototype of the LG G6 for testing

The Droid-Life page has obtained images of a prototype of tests of the future top of range of LG. It is remarkable the back, which is made of a rough plastic material but most likely being a prototype on which to try things.

At the bottom we find a Type C USB, a speaker and a microphone while the 3.5mm Jack is expected to be on top as in the LG G5 last year. The whole body is surrounded by a metal frame that will protect it from blows.

The front part does not stand out very well, but we can see that the leaks are right and we would have a device with a very small top frame where we would find the camera, the notification LED and proximity sensors and lighting in addition to the speaker.

Mobile World Congress, the home of LG

It is not much, less than a month, to know the data and real images of the LG G6 is expected to be presented by the Korean company during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that begins on February 27.

Although the hurries could go wrong to LG and not have the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 for launch.

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