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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Tim Cook appears in France to the surprise of the fans of Apple

If we can highlight one of the aspects that characterize Tim Cook, the executive director of the company that we both love (and we hate at times) around here, it is his closeness to the workers of the company, and of course, They buy their products throughout the world. He has always tried to know as much as possible the state of his company, and for that he knows that he can not sit idly in the comfort of his office.

Tim Cook has toured several of the countries in which Apple has a presence , in order to stay close to those who keep the company on the move every day, even with small tasks. But also, it is obvious that he does not go traveling alone to pay a visit to his stores, there is always something more behind each of his appearances. There is always some reason, which usually has an important relationship with the future of the company.

Tim Cook visits France, and not only to take photos at Apple Stores

The maximum authority within the company Californian has traveled these days to France , as we have been able to know with the photos that the same one has hung in his twitter personal. He has been seen in various locations, such as the brand's new official store in the city of Marseille, where fans and store employees themselves have been able to take pictures with the executive, as well as having a small conversation with him .

Apparently , Tim Cook would have visited the country in order to visit some creatives , such as fashion designer Julien Fournié ; In addition to one of the photographers of the campaign "Shot on iPhone", Jean Claude Luong . The reason for your visit is still not completely clear, what is clear is that it does not feel like a simple holiday in Europe . What will you have on hand?

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