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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Top 25 hidden iPhone options you need to know

On the internet there are many hidden articles about the features and functions of the iPhone, which are often only useful to iOS users. MacDigger offers a truly functional list of tricks, which know that not all Apple-gadget users. The article will be useful not only for newcomers, who are only learned with the platform, but advanced for iPhone users.

Redial : On the Standard Application Keys tab Phone, press the green call button once, and you will see the number you last called.

Clearing the cache : you can speed up the operation of standard applications, if you clear the cache. In the App Store, Podcasts, Music, iTunes or Game Center make 10 quick touches of one of the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Acceleration Touch ID : save multiple copies of the same finger. This is especially true for improving the performance and speed of the module on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.

Deleting numbers in the Calculator : If you notice a typo as well, delete any last number, swipe to the left or right of the input field.

Cleaning the RAM : Press and hold the power button until the slider appears to turn off the device, and then click and hold the Home button. If the screen goes off, and they are on the home screen, it means that everything is done correctly.

The continuous shooting mode : press and hold the camera shutter button to run the capture engine.

The calculation in Spotlight: simply type something like "100 pounds" and you get the equivalent value in kilograms.

The shutter button on the headset : use the volume control buttons on the headset to take a picture.

Turn off the flashlight : If you forget to turn off the flashlight, on the lock screen, open the Camera application with the help of свайпа and the backlight will turn off.

3D Touch at the time of drawing : the drawing tools and the eraser respond to the degree of clicking the attachment in the Note.

Closing multiple applications at the same time : open the application change screen by double-clicking the Home button and covering multiple applications with multiple fingers at the same time.

Recently closed tabs : to view, click and hold the "+" button in Safari.

The full version of the site : to open the "десктопный" option of the site, click and hold the update button in the address bar of the browser.

Preview the tabs : use the Peek gesture to preview the tab selected in Safari.

Bookmark Preview : You can use the Peek gesture to view Safari bookmarks, before opening them.

Edit messages : Use 3D Touch gestures to edit the reminder time or location settings.

View only unread messages : In the Mailboxes section of the Email application, click the edit button in the upper right corner and mark unread. You can now view all unread messages in the same folder.

Quick eraser : When creating a message in the Email application, type the subject and pull the window below, by its title, to save the message in drafts.

Quick response : If an incoming message is received, pull the notification down and write your response as soon as possible.

Attachment Level : Swipe your finger from right to left in the Compass application, to turn your iPhone into a measuring tool.

Preview in Apple Music : use 3D Touch gestures in the image of the musician, to see their song.

Reactivate the power saving mode : after receiving the power saving mode power off notification, make svayp left to activate it again.

Find the iPhone Owner : If you find someone's iPhone forgotten or lost, just ask Siri "Whose phone is it?", And the voice wizard tells you how you can contact the owner of the device.

Reachability : Double-tap (do not press, ie tap) on the Home button to activate Reachability mode. In this mode, you will be able to come up with the thumbs up of the icons on the desktop.

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