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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

VideoPane is already compatible with iOS 10 (Cydia)

Probably one of the reasons I jailbreak my iPhone is by VideoPane , a tweak developed by Ryan Petrich, one of the most talented developers on the iOS scene.

Basically, the function of tweak is to enable PiP in any application , be it YouTube, HBO, Netflix or whatever you are thinking.

Well, the tweak just received a new update to add support for iOS 10 , so we can enjoy it in the latest iPhone models.

VideoPane enables PiP in any application

This way, we can watch any video in a sliding window while we run another application . A feature that feels like finger ring to Plus models.

In addition, it can be configured from its menu in Settings, being able to choose among several options the method that we like to activate the tweak thanks to Activator, another tweak of the Ryan Petrich crop.

In short, we are facing one of the best tweaks we can find in Cydia, so if you like the idea and also have an iPhone Plus, do not hesitate for a moment to buy it.

  • Name : VideoPane
  • Compatibility : Up to iOS 10
  • Price : $ 1.99
  • Repository :

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