Watch the weather from the lock screen with DisplayWeather 10 (jailbreak)

If you want to improve the features of the lock screen and the notification center below we present a new practical jailbreak tweak called DisplayWeather 10.

DisplayWeather 10 displays the weather information to the left of the date information on each of these interfaces, allowing you to take advantage of the space that would normally occupy the weather widget, among others.

The tweak uses the information it receives from the default weather application, based on your current location, so with this tweak, you must have climate location services enabled. This tweak does not work for the locations you have manually selected .

When you have location-enabled services for the weather, the tweak uses the space that is normally empty on the left side of the header in the widget interface on both the lock screen and the notification center to display the Weather for your location.

The tweak works in the notification center, but you can also see it working from the lock screen which can be accessed by sliding to the right.

The tweak includes the name of your current location, outside weather conditions and even a large time illustration.

If you are interested in downloading and testing DisplayWeather 10 on your jailbroken device, you can get it from the Cydia BigBoss repository. It is worth clarifying that the tweak only works on devices with iOS 10 jailbroken .
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