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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why did Apple remove Game Center in iOS 10?

Game Center was a social gaming platform in which iOS players had the ability to share results, compete on leaderboards, add friends and even invite others to join multiplayer online games.

With the launch of iOS 10 the company of the bite apple chose to eliminate, without prior notice, the Game Center application of the iPhone and iPad.

Although Game Center services remain active, iOS 10 players no longer have the ability to participate in the rankings or invite other players to play their favorite games.

But ... Why did it happen? Why did Apple delete Game Center?

This could be the reason for the removal of Game Center

It is very rare that Apple has eliminated this application, apparently it worked quite well and the servers did not usually collapse.

From Apple only deigned to publish the following in a press release for developers:

"The Game Center application has been deleted. If your game implements GameKit functions, you must also implement the interface behavior necessary for the user to see the functions. For example, if your game supports classification tables, you must submit a GKGameCenterViewController element or read the data directly from Game Center. "

Basically, what comes to say is that Game Center is still alive, and developers must facilitate their performance within each game.

So what is the reason? Before iOS 10 Apple had to develop a system so that players could access the data of each specific game in the Game Center application. And this requires a lot of work.

Another possible reason lies in iMessage. Yes, the Apple messaging platform has received great news in iOS 10 . So it's very likely that Apple wants to turn their application into a new way for players to invite, share and compete from the Messages app unifying both applications. In fact, there are already many games available in the App Store for iMessage.

As previously mentioned, Game Center services are still available on iOS 10. To log in to Game Center you should go to Settings> Game Center. In addition, invitations to games are now controlled via iMessage . But without a doubt, many users will miss the Game Center application, its achievements, its recommendations, and its competitions.

What do you think about the elimination of Game Center in iOS 10? Why do you think Apple has deleted the application from the system?

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