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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Why the iPhone 7 is the best smartphone to use Instagram?

One of the latest updates from Instagram included a significant increase in the quality and resolution of your images , especially if you are using an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus ...

The latest version of the Instagram iOS application offers richer, more vivid color support , a feature that takes full advantage of the hardware capabilities of the iPhone 7's display and camera.

As announced in the presentation of the iPhone 7, the Apple smartphone is able to capture and display a wide range of colors , something so far only available in professional devices.

The iPhone 7 is the best smartphone for Instagram

Thanks to the renewed application of Instagram now users can take pictures and publish them on the social network showing these additional colors in the iOS version of the application. The result? Some spectacular photos.

Whether you want to share beautiful landscape photos or if you like to post your best selfies, the iPhone 7 screen and its color accuracy will delight any instagrammer.

Compared with the DCI-P3 color gamut, sRGB images (used so far in Instagram) are seen with a much lower quality.

In order for the images with additional colors to be displayed correctly the capture and send process to the screen must be configured for DCI-P3. This implies that any application, including Instagram, must be redesigned to preserve the original information every time it goes through an edit operation in the app.

The iPhone 7 has one of the best screens in the smartphone market. It is inspired by the screen of the iPad Pro, has the best color accuracy, one of the best anti-reflective layers, and the highest contrast radius .

What iPhone do you use to share your photos on Instagram? Do you have an iPhone 7?

Source | Forbes

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