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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Will the iPhone 8 have the redesign that we all expect?

Although Apple has been the market leader in the smartphone sales industry, its numbers have declined significantly compared to previous years. Let's face it, the iPhone 7 needed a new design .

In 2016 Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, mentioned curiously that "it was extremely difficult to innovate and surprise consumers year after year." Perhaps this phrase summarizes perfectly the problem of the company, which could reserve some surprises for the launch of the iPhone 8 .

Will the iPhone 8 have a new design? Will Apple surprise introducing technical improvements and new hardware? Will launch a special model to mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone? At the moment we will have to wait to answer these questions, in fact, we still do not know if its nomenclature: iPhone 7S, iPhone 8, or iPhone X ...?

Will Apple return to leave us open-mouthed with the iPhone 2017?

So far, everything we have been able to discover is based on rumors and speculation. But rumors! Imagine: wireless charging, OLED display, ceramic and / or crystal housing ...

Here is a small summary with all the news about the iPhone 8:

  • Apple could launch three different models.
  • It will have a glass and / or ceramic housing to improve conductivity.
  • The company could finally implement the wireless charging system.
  • The iPhone 8 would come by replacing the LCD with OLED.
  • It would incorporate a Home button integrated in the screen of the terminal.
  • Your side bevels could be extremely thin or nonexistent.
  • Apple will remove the antenna strips from the device.
  • Facial and fingerprint recognition would be added.

Many other features have been mentioned, but what is certain is that Apple should renew the design of the iPhone 8, iPhone 7S, iPhone X or whatever it ends up calling itself.

The simple fact of replacing the LCD screen with OLED panels and switching to a glass case would be enough to surprise the world, given that Apple and its iPhone have been with a very similar design for years. But since iPadizate we expect more, much more ... What do you think? How would you like to be the new iPhone 2017?

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