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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

3 iOS design details you never noticed

Apple products have certain really differentiating aspects about their competition. On the one hand, they are devices that we can rely on, because we know perfectly well that they are designed to meet the needs of each and every one of its users . On the other hand, they are created in a way that hardware and software work in unison, offering unprecedented and perfect support for all those who do not want to be buying a new phone every year.

Today, however, we'll discover a little more of the other points that contribute to make Apple products something really unique, their design. And is that the care that Cupertino put in everything they do is really to admire. It is true that in some moments may be prioritized on functionality, as for example with the "Antenna-gate" iPhone 4 , but that does not mean that your creations are always magnificent, at least if you like the simple and practical . So, get ready to discover three subtle details of iOS that you're likely to have never noticed.

Control center

Thanks to the iOS control center we can easily and quickly access various functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or rotation. The funny thing about the design of this part of the system is that, when interacting with the rotation lock icons or with the flashlight, we can see how the icon automatically changes state . It is clear that you will not be aware of this change, but you will check its color, but it is still something really curious.

IOS Home Screen (Clock and Calendar)

The iOS home screen is designed to work as a quick access to each and every one of the apps we have installed on our devices. However, it seems that Apple had in mind a rather more functional concept than we can enjoy today . And, if you look, we will realize that the Clock and Calendar icons are interactive.

On the one hand, the clock shows us with an analog design the current time , including a second hand to increase accuracy. The calendar on the other hand always shows the day in which we find ourselves. All this despite the fact that to find this information would be so easy to take a look at the notification area.

These things are really simple, to such an extent that they may be irrelevant, but they show that, at Apple, attention to detail is imperative . So you know what you have to do if you want to be someday in the company's design team.

And you, have you noticed this?

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