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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

3 new reasons to switch to iPhone if you are from Android

It seems that Apple is still very clear that everyone should have an iPhone. It is normal, considering that they are selling their product, however, have wanted to return to the classic videos of comparisons to make it more evident than ever . This time they do not directly attack their direct competitors such as Samsung or LG, but represents some of the worst problems of its main rival, Android.

We already showed the first ads of the campaign before, however, today Apple returns to the charge to highlight the strengths of having an iPhone. Because the iPhone is one of the best phones on the market, and every year, users who choose to trust Apple when it comes to buying their new smartphone corroborate it with high levels of satisfaction . Today, Apple has wanted to focus on three new aspects that make consumers stay with those of Cupertino.

Incredible fluency

If there is something Apple can boast about, the components of their phones work in a really perfect way . The fluidity of iPhone can only be achieved by controlling to the maximum both the manufacture of hardware and the creation of software.

The best security

The word "fragmentation" is not commonly used by these households. It is for this reason that we can enjoy the latest security updates that allow us to keep all our data completely protected .

Your contacts, always available

If at the end you decide to move to the iPhone side, you will have very easy to keep your contacts. You simply have to use the "Move to iOS" app to transfer everything you want to have on your new phone.

And you, have you already switched to iPhone? How was your experience?

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