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Monday, 29 May 2017

3 Reasons to Disable Read Notification in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app on the planet and probably is one of the most useful and relevant inventions of our current civilization. Thanks to WhatsApp and similar, the ability to maintain a relationship of any kind with people regardless of their location is much simpler , however it can not be compared to real interactions because of course, we have the time to control everything: a response, a reaction , Choose the words ...

In iPadizate we have developed some guidelines for using WhatsApp securely by properly configuring privacy and security options but there is a question that many are asked: What is the point of disabling the read notification? Why do so many people?

To avoid discussion

Surely it has happened to you too: someone starts to act like a detective assuming things and filming movies about your schedules and activities depending on your hours of connection and reading. This is not a psychology blog, but you should review the toxicity of that relationship and if it's worth it . So, to avoid giving so many explanations, this is the simplest thing.

Maybe you're not interested in talking to that person

Another one of those things that surely has happened to you. Someone starts talking to you and the truth is that you are not interested , so you are delaying the response time, but the other person does not seem to know. Then you go back to the fast track: do not see when you have read the messages.

To avoid unnecessary questions

Why do not you answer me if I see you online? Another of the most horrible questions that can be read in WhatsApp. It is clear that sometimes we read the messages but maybe we are at a time when we can not respond properly, or we want to meditate our words or simply, we do not feel like it. It's your WhatsApp account and you manage it as you want.

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