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Sunday, 28 May 2017

3 tips to get better on WhatsApp

Needless to say and repeat that WhatsApp is the queen of instant messaging applications. However, it is not the best. Personally I prefer Telegram: more complete, more secure, more options, etc. Still, I repeat, WhatsApp is the preferred and most used by users .

It is very common to accumulate and accumulate conversations in the application, conversations that we may not open again until after a good time. And that's where one of my favorite features of Telegram comes in: the possibility of posting messages in the subsequent paste . That way the most important and most used chats are always up. This is something they are working on at WhatsApp and we will probably see it very soon.

And while we wait for this fantastic new feature, we can use these five tricks that will help us to better organize the application.

Archive and delete

If you are one of those who has the messy WhatsApp, with thousands of conversations without any importance. Really that's space that is being taken up in our device. That's why we recommend that you use the archive and delete options.

It will depend on yourself which conversations you want to archive, which will be saved in the archived chats folder, and which ones you want to delete forever, as you may imagine, they will not be able to be retrieved again.

Highlight messages

This is not the first time we recommend this trick. The truth is that I find it really useful. We refer to the trick of highlighting messages within a conversation for later access to "Featured Messages" and see all those we have highlighted.

To highlight a message will suffice to keep this pressed and give the star that appears, simulating the "favorite."

Mark messages as unread

Let's get in the situation: We are at work and send us a message that requires attention hours later, for example, 9 at night (21:00 hours). To not forget him we can mark that conversation as unread and it will appear as if we just received it, seeing that we have a conversation pending in WhatsApp.

To do this, slide the conversation to the left and mark it as unread.

These are the tricks that will help us to have the most organized WhatsApp application, we hope that they help you achieve that goal. Do not forget to leave your impressions in the comments and share in social networks to help as more people better .

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