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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

5 things the iPhone lacks to be the Samsung Galaxy S8

Very recently it was the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 , which surprised us all thanks to its huge Infinity screen. However, we do not have to lose the north, since the iPhone 7 Plus can match it and even surpass it in many situations.

However, Apple has to improve some things on its next device if it does not want to be last in this fierce race. In this article we are going to show you five features that the Samsung Galaxy S8 possesses that the iPhone 8 should imitate as soon as possible .

5. The vision of Bixby

As in Apple devices, in the latest range of Samsung terminals we can find a virtual assistant called Bixby . This assistant works in a manner very similar to Siri, fulfilling orders to rajatabla and answering stupid questions with sarcasm. However, the Samsung assistant has an extra, and it's the Bixby Vision.

This tool will help us find interesting tourist sites near our location, in addition to being able to scan codes, prices and search certain objects over the net .

4. Wireless Charge

As it has been rumored from a long time ago, the iPhone 8 would arrive with wireless load. However, the Samsung Galaxy S8 already brings that feature included. You just have to place it on your cargo base and that's it .

3. An immense screen

This is the point that draws the most attention in the new flagship of Samsung. The immense screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is perfect for consuming content thanks to the power of immersion that arrives with its very reduced edges.

Surely Apple would implement it more useful , but we can not deny that Samsung has done a great job.

2. Iris scanner

This method of unlocking is much safer than a fingerprint reader, according to Samsung. It allows us to unlock the device in a very short period of time and it works even in places with low light.

Keeping in mind that Apple is one step closer to moving the Touch ID to the back of the terminal, this could be a good solution to that great design problem .

1. Infinity Screen

Currently, the Infinity screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is considered as the best screen in the smartphone market. With more colors, more brightness and much more resolution, we are sure that the next iPhone would beat all your competition in the blink of an eye .

We know that the grace of the mobile market is in the variety and quality, identifying signs of Apple. However, we can not deny the good ideas that the cometencia has had in recent years .

Would you like any of these features on the iPhone 8? Leave your answer in the comments!

Via | IDrop News

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