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Sunday, 14 May 2017

5 ways to increase battery life on iPhone is very necessary

Battery capacity on iPhones is not high enough that most iFan brothers charge for their device twice a day, but you can still improve your iPhone's battery life through 5 simple ways below. .

5 ways to increase battery life on iPhone is very necessary

Here are five ways to increase battery life on the iPhone is very necessary for brothers. Any comments add comments please leave a comment below this article.

1. Turn off auto update

Enabling Updates will help keep the iPhone constantly checking the version, so you'll get new features, stability from the app you're using. However, because it has to run underground as well as using the data network to test, this feature inadvertently takes away quite the battery life of the iPhone.

If you feel you can manually check and update your settings to conserve battery power, go to Settings> iTunes & App Store . Then turn off the features in Automatic Download .

2. Turn off the background on the iPhone

Background data updates help you get the most complete and fastest notifications from your app, when your device is connected to network data. However, this is the reason that affects the battery life on the device. To turn this off, go to Settings> General settings> Refresh application in the background and choose to disable it with some applications or entire applications.

3. Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirDrop connections when not in use

If these features are turned on when not in use it will waste unnecessary energy. You can visit the Control Center , then touch the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi icons to turn them on / off. For AirDrop, to turn off this feature, touch and select No.

4. Charge the iPhone properly

For devices using lithium-ion batteries, charging overcharging (still pinned when fully charged) will not harm the battery of the device. However, keep in mind, the battery on the smartphone has a life cycle and each battery has a certain number of charge before its performance is no longer the same. That is the answer to the question why older smartphones are more susceptible to failure, simply because their batteries have gone through too many recharges.

5. Give preference to recommended applications from Apple

Recommended applications from Apple are optimized to help keep the iPhone running smoothly as well as save energy. If the two applications have the same function, then the best users should choose the application from Apple. This does not mean that 3rd party applications do not work well, but reduce their use when the battery life on the iPhone is low.

Here are 5 ways to increase battery life on the iPhone is very necessary. Hope this article will somewhat help you optimize battery life on your iOS device.

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