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Thursday, 25 May 2017

A 2015 iPhone is faster than the best Android phone

No, ours with Android is not mania or dislike of any kind. We simply believe that iPhone and iOS are better, faster, smoother and more secure than any Android . The worst thing is that in recent times Android has "gone to the vine" with its prices and as you know, it is already possible to find iPhone quite cheaper than some Android terminals .

The curious thing about Android is that its fans fill their mouths with big numbers like "20 megapixel cameras" or "8 GB of RAM" and an endless amount of data that, curiously enough, when it comes to the truth, they are useless: What does it mean to have a 20 megapixel camera if the rest of the ecosystem does not go with it, if it does not have a good stabilizer? Any. In the end, Apple's iPhone will have more humble specifications but its performance is always superior . And what you are going to see today is going to make you stand up and applaud.

There will always be pikes between Apple and Samsung , that's clear. In addition, we have already seen a few comparisons between various specifications in which sometimes one wins and another, another. But these comparisons are usually between the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7, the best of the best of every home.

Speed ​​Duel: iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Today we're going to make it harder still, how about comparing a Samsung Galaxy S8 - the best Android phone on the market - compared to the iPhone 6s, a 2015 terminal? A priori, should be a ride for the Galaxy S8 that has double the RAM and a more powerful CPU .

The Youtube PhoneBuff channel has made it reality by putting them face to face in a speed test, yes, without benchmarks: only considering the time it takes to open a series of apps, close them and reopen them . For us to understand each other, what we do daily.

The result will leave you with your mouth open: while the Galaxy S8 is faster by opening lightweight apps, the iPhone will uncheck loading apps with high graphics load. That is, the iPhone 6s is better to retain apps in memory and recovering them much faster.

The key to everything is not the 4GB of RAM versus the 2 of the iPhone 6s but its environment, thanks to Apple and its tight control over hardware with iOS , which includes more restrictions on third-party apps, your operating system uses its limited resources In a much more efficient way, that's why the iPhone has been historically faster than the best terminals and will continue to be. Android gives developers more freedom to structure their app structures, but this has a direct impact on efficiency.

So once again, remember: it's not all about numbers but about efficiency . Now consider the price differences, the yields and if it was worth it in 2015 to acquire a terminal that two years later is still faster than mobile phones that have a month in the market and almost cost a thousand euros.

Via | BGR

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