A vulnerability in iOS 10.3.1 will allow publishing a Mach_Portal jailbreak update for the iPhone 7

Not long ago, a researcher in the field of mobile security adam Доненфилд spoke about found in iOS 10.3.1 vulnerabilities and promised to release public jailbreak tools. Later, the team of Доненфилд clarified that it is only a matter of demonstrating the vulnerabilities within the framework of the security conference, on the basis that other developers can prepare эксплоит.

Later the situation, commented the Italian, the developer of yalu Lucas Тодеско. On his Twitter page wrote that only vulnerabilities in the firmware is not enough for the full release of jailbreak. He doubts that publishing these security breaches works with a jailbreak release.

Тодеско also advised users not to upgrade to iOS 10.3.1 and stay on iOS 10.2.1 with Yalu джейлбрейком. Owners of iPhone 7 smartphones and the iPhone 7 Plus hacker recommended staying in iOS 10.1.1. The fact that those found in iOS 10.3.1 vulnerability can be used to update the jailbreak mach_portal. Эксплоит, according to the hacker, will be more reliable and stable at work.

The fact that they have already moved to iOS 10.3.1 and thinks about installing iOS 10.3.2 or the beta version of iOS 10.3.3, is also worth refrain from updating. There is the possibility that Pangu) will all launch the jailbreak, demonstrated at the shanghai conference.
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