The creation of 5G of Russian networks will lead to an increase in the cost of cellular communication -


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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The creation of 5G of Russian networks will lead to an increase in the cost of cellular communication

The volume of investments in the deployment of 5G networks in Russia can be around 1 trillion rubles, which is 3-4 times higher than the cost of building 4G. About this said the director of the department of management of sales and services channels "rostelecom" andrés Зименков within the framework of the Wireless Russia Forum activities. It is considered that operators will have to agree and unify efforts to expand the 5G network, as it will only be difficult to Do due to the low solvency of subscribers.

According to Зименкова, taking into account the size of the necessary investment the implementation of 5G will require the creation of a consortium or unique operator infrastructure. In situations of difficult access to capital and lower solvency of each operator's customers solve this task alone is not possible, he said.

The representatives of the "beeline", mts and "el Megfono" did not focus on this idea. In turn, in the company of Tele2, the 45% belonging to "Ростелекому", called it the "promising".

"For the effectiveness of the development of 5G networks and optimize the investments of operators should seek the opportunity to join efforts," said the representative of Tele2 constantino Прокшин.

Earlier on the creation of a consortium for the development of 5G networks said in the Moscow government. Thus, in early April it was reported that Moscow's IT department (DIT) is discussing with the combination-creating operators, the basis on which a 5G link can be developed.

"5G will require participants in the multiple market mobile to increase the number of base stations and in a completely different way from the principle of network planning, which involves a large investment. This means that operators, in fact, once again, will have to build a great infrastructure, and this is quite difficult. Therefore, in order not to deprive a 5G project of the investment attraction, we reflect on the union of effort, "said the head of the DIT art Ермолаев.

Presented to the government a draft "Digital Economy" program is assumed that already in the year 2018 must have the approval of a coordinated plan of frequency assignment for the implementation of the 5G. By 2019, as provided in the regulations, and that by 2020 the 5G network must be implemented in all Russian cities-миллионниках. Finally, its "wide commercial use" is planned for 2024.

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