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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Amazon reveals details of launch of its new Amazon Echo Show

Amazon plans to upgrade its line of Echo devices. At the moment it plans to launch the new Amazon Echo Show , a device that, unlike previous models, will have a touch screen, so the consumer can have a visual reference of what is being broadcast.

Today we will try to tell you all the news that we will see in the new device that intends to launch Amazon. The company has shown some information to the media, which would indicate that the device will make its official debut at a close date.

What would be the most remarkable features of the Amazon Echo Show? The quickest answer to the previous question, is the integration of a seven-inch diagonal screen into the design. This Amazon Echo Show is an upgrade of a previous smart speaker model. Besides allowing to display information and certain data, it would also have all the functionality of the Amazon Echo devices. The device would integrate eight microphones and long-distance voice recognition.

Thanks to the revelations that the company has made regarding this device, we can know some interesting details of its functions.

First of all, with the new Amazon Echo Show we will be able to watch videos from YouTube and other sources. In addition it will allow us to see the lyrics of our favorite songs, to review security cameras connected to our home, to see the cities climate, to create list of activities, a list of the purchase ... among many other things.

The device has noise canceling and noise-canceling technology that allows voice recognition to work from anywhere in the house. It has loud speakers that allow us to enjoy the best music.

As extra features comment that those who own this device can use the exclusive chat of the brand.

Another feature we will see is the "Drop in" which is also exclusive to the Amazon Echo Show. If you have the Echo Show, you can send messages quickly to let them know that you will attend some important "do's".

The Amazon Echo Show has the ability to connect to other products like Hue and Wink . The connection will allow you to perform additional tasks such as synchronizing news and updating food in the kitchen.

Amazon Echo vs. Other Smart Speakers

Amazon is the market owner of smart speakers with its Echo line. It is said that Apple plans to develop an intelligent speaker that will be the direct competition of the Echo line ... but it is ahead of the future and we will see if it succeeds.

According to it has been able to know the speaker of Apple will have integration of the virtual assistant Siri, Apple Music and iCloud. The main difference is that it seems that the Apple speaker would not have a screen, but its integration with Siri gives extra points. According to the data that is known, this smart speaker from Apple will take its first steps in Apple's WWDC.

Another device against which the new Amazon Echo will fight against Microsoft and its smart speakers. Although these were a target of mockery after its launch many users may be interested in continuing to be linked with Microsoft products through this device.

Microsoft's speakers integrate the Cortana wizard ... we'll see how they behave in front of them.

The last one of the contenders is Google that also presented its own line of intelligent speakers and that every day more bet by the integration of its services.

Price of the Amazon Echo Show

If you are interested in buying Amazon Echo Show tell you that at the moment you can only pre-order. At the moment it is available in white and / or black

The price of the Amazon Echo Show is 299 dollars, which to the change are about 295 euros. The shipping process would start on June 28. Further comment that if you buy two Amazon Echo Show, instead of one, you can save up to 100 dollars in its selling price.

Source: The Verge

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