Apple could start testing the Micro-LED displays for Apple Watch later this year -


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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Apple could start testing the Micro-LED displays for Apple Watch later this year

The screen of Apple Watch is one of the best available in the market of "wearables" without a doubt. It may not have the classic shapes of a mechanical watch dial, but it has the highest quality that can be demanded at this time. And I say at this time, because within not much, Apple will be able to improve it even more with the integration of Micro-LED technology in its line of smart watches.

At the moment not much is known, but a new report published by DigiTimes has shown the growing interest of several manufacturers in this type of technology . Especially because Apple would already be ready to start production tests later this year with the intention of being able to integrate the new displays into the upcoming Apple Watch models.

Apple already has all the necessary technology at its disposal

In this case, Apple does not seem to intend to wait for any other competitor as it usually does , but already has the knowledge to be able to manufacture Micro-LED panels. All this is thanks to the acquisition of the company LuxVue in 2014, which has given the company some advantage over its direct rival, Samsung, who is also interested in this type of technology.

Some of the improvements that would bring these new panels, would be, among others, the ability to show a wider color spectrum, higher resolutions, more brightness , and all in a panel even thinner and lighter than the current. Already talked about the possibility of seeing these types of panels at this year's Apple Watch, however, it seems that with this news it is very clear that they are not yet ready to launch a watch with this type of panel to market.

What do you think about the Apple Watch screen? What would you improve?

Via | MacRumors

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