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Friday, 12 May 2017

Apple iPhone 8 rumors, sneaks and leaks

Apple plans to launch its next smartphone the iPhone 8 ( already known some features and images ) this year to update its line "iPhone" as is customary each year. Last year, the company launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , devices that, unlike previous smartphones, have some internal improvements (depending on their characteristics), making it possible for consumers to choose from the different models available .

This time we will mention all the leaks, rumors, schemes, concepts and molds that relate to what could be the next Apple iPhone 8 that will present this year. Apple could have (or be having) problems with the production of the device, this implies that the presentation of the iPhone 8 may be delayed a little.

What are the functions that the next iPhone 8 will have?

The answer to this question is difficult to answer, as we are talking about a device that has not yet been released but, according to rumors and some leaks, the iPhone 8 will have dual vertical camera, OLED display (due to the contract they have with Samsung), Touch iD or fingerprint detector (it is still unknown if it will be placed on the back, front or inside of the screen in virtual form), Chip A11 and update its internal components.

Thanks to the leaks of Weibo and people working in the production line / supplies Apple, we can have some idea about the design of the iPhone 8. In the first image we can see the first scheme that leaked iPhone 8 by Weibo. The scheme suggests that the iPhone 8 has a double upright camera and a fingerprint detector at the back.

It is important to mention some schemes; Users around the world make sketches or molds according to the rumors of the iPhone 8, others instead prefer to make sketches of the iPhone 8 adding features or functions that they want Apple to include in their next smartphone.

When the first rumors of a Touch iD appeared in the back of the iPhone, bro.king made molds based on the rumors. Other sketches had been drawn by Sonny Dickson, however, from here it was already speculated how much it was going to measure approximately the iPhone 8, being 138.3mm of height and 67.1 of width respectively.

Also a few more realistic sketches were filtered where you can see the more concrete design of the iPhone 8. In the model mentioned, the iPhone 8 lacks physical Touch iD and its rear camera is still vertical. The side edges have a significant metal curvature.

The double-sided vertical camera of the iPhone 8 seems to be an almost certain fact, since most of the leaks and rumors refer to a double camera placed vertically in the device. From a case of silicone to schemes, concepts and models mention the double vertical camera of the iPhone 8 as they are the following:

When will the Apple iPhone 8 be introduced?

The iPhone 8 could be introduced in September to be released in October (according to the amount of production you have at that time). It is expected that the iPhone 8 be presented along with the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus that would be the update of the iPhone 7.

Other features and features of the Apple iPhone 8

Below we leave you with other features that are likely to be seen on the iPhone 8:

  • Wireless charging, similar to the latest handsets of the Samsung Galaxy family
  • Glass Display without Edge
  • Smart Connector (similar to iPad Pro)
  • Face Recognition
  • Iris scanner (similar to the latest Samsung Galaxy family terminals)

It is important to remember that these rumors could be false speculations, therefore, it is advisable to wait for the arrival of official news.

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